Just Another Day With My Skin

Rosacea back in ‘2005. So, needless to say, whenever I see a person in my
treatment room with this type of skin, I sympathize immediately!

This morning I decided to steep some Red Rose Tea to use as a cleansing agent. Don’t let the delicate appearance fool you! Roses are known for their ability to detoxify the skin, flushing out impurities, tightening and toning and even adding a radiant glow!

After steeping my tea for about 10-12 minutes, I decided to add some to a small bottle to “spritz” on to my skin throughout the day.

You can also spritz your tea on to your skin to seal in your make up or even just to give your skin a little pick up throughout your day. I wouldn’t go past the 24 hour mark before brewing some more though!

After cleansing my skin and rinsing with my Red Rose Tea, I decided to smooth on some “Unfiltered Raw Honey” that I had picked up at Sprouts. I found this big bottle for only $9.99! And was very surprised to find Wild Raw Honey at such a bargain price!

Why Honey? You may ask. Honey, especially raw and unfiltered, has live enzymes that exfoliate and nourish the skin. It also has the ability to hydrate, soften and soothe the skin. Something my skin needed after the ravages of the hot Texas Sun! The Sun draws water out of your skin leaving it dehydrated, revealing facial lines and making it look older than it should.

On my way now to finish the rest of my morning routine. I hope you have enjoyed and learned something from my post!


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