What Is a High Frequency Device?

What is a “High Frequency” device? You will feel so empowered and enlightened when I reveal this one to you. This is such a simple easy and inexpensive way for you to control acne, stimulate collagen, oxygenate your skin, assist in lymphatic drainage, sagging skin, puffy eyes, cellulite and even  stimulating hair growth. Circulation is enhanced, collagen and elastin production increased. 

High Frequency was actually developed in the late 1800’s by one of my favorite renowned scientists, Nikola Tesla. It was originally intended for medical purposes such as treating strep throat and other infections.

A picture depicting a young Nikola Tesla.


French biophysicist D’Arsonval also did work in the same area of electrotherapy. In 1892 he then introduced the high frequency current as a means of treating skin diseases, etc..

While in beauty college we were taught about the many uses of a “high frequency device”. It was connected to our bulky steamer as one large unit. It seemed to be a pricey option for me at the time. So  when my friend “Olga” from Russia showed up at school with her hand-held version, curiosity brewed inside. I asked her where she got it and she said she bought it in Russia! I asked her how much it cost her and I believe the price was under $40.00 American dollars. I began my research and discovered one on E-Bay for around $29.00 plus shipping. Not bad.

There are several glass attachments in various sizes and shapes. One looks like a spoon, the other a hair comb. Aside from the obvious uses of the “Hair Comb”, you can pretty much use whatever size attachment is more convenient for whatever part of the body you choose to treat. I like to use the smaller “spoon like” attachment for my temples and around my nose, the larger one for cheeks and forehead. It’s a pretty simple and easy application once you read the instructions that come with the unit.

When applied to the skin a mild electrical current passes through  a neon or argon gas filled electrode causing a subtle glow. All high frequency electrodes produce a neon orange or violet colored glow. It all depends upon the gas they are filled with. Both colors provide equally effective results.

I like to apply masques and serums and gently move the glass attachments (electrodes) around my face to help to “drive” them deeper into my skin, enhancing my treatment and getting better use of my product. The hair comb attachment feels really good as you gently slide it across the scalp you can feel a neat “tickling” sensation that sort of feels like a scalp massage. But this actually helps to stimulate circulation to the scalp and encourage hair growth. Bacteria is killed upon contact with the electrical current being sent out onto the skin surface, circulation to the area is enhanced, pores size is  reduced. Skin continues to get healthier and plumper with each use. You can turn the knob on the handheld unit to increase the intensity of the current. It’s better to start at a low setting and build up over time until you are used to the “rubber band smacking” sensation.

I love the oxygenation of high frequency as the presence of oxygen is necessary for collagen production as well as antioxidants like Vitamin C. It is a safe and non invasive technology that makes it win big brownie points for me!

Make sure you do not use your device by a water source, while wearing jewelry or in a way contrary to instructions. It is really intended for professional use. But reading up on and following instructions insures you much success and safe use of your unit.

Please feel free to message me with any questions. I would love to hear any comments you may have. 😉


21 thoughts on “What Is a High Frequency Device?

  1. Very well written and informative post 🙂
    I love the High Frequency machine, the results are amazing!

    Thanks for sharing Caroline!

  2. Thanks for the info… it’s hard to find details on use of the unit, for instance 5 minutes + – on one spot, or overall face/neck? Indirect with gauze better for mature skin? Upward motions best? Every day? How to zap a brown spot on your nose… So far no sign of skin tightening over a 2 week period.

    1. There is contradicting info. out there. If you have a pimple for instance, its best to hold the glass probe (1-3 min) slightly over it to zap the bacteria. You can move it in circular motions or up and down. The old rule of thumb about “upward motions” I threw out the window when I learned Hungarian Face Massage from an Eminence Rep. and other classes. Its OK to go all directions! The brown spot is best treated with a C Serum prior to using your unit. Afterwards apply some hydroquinone or a serum that contains Licorice (a natural brightener). I never go over 12 minutes total with my treatment. Its ok to use again a few hours later ex: morning and evening. Hope this helps!

    2. I forgot to add that covering the glass with gauze is not necessary. What you will see is smaller pores first, and more firming than tightening. Try using a micro needle if you’re looking to improve skin elasticity.:)

  3. Hi!
    I’m trying to get some info about how to use the device, because I bought it in Europe and it came without any instructions. Do you know about some place where I can get it? Your commentary has been of great help, though. Thank you for sharing

    1. I am sorry, I don’t know Where you could get instructions. But feel free to ask any questions. I recommend starting out on lowest setting and building up to highest as you get used to using it. You can use it every day, but 1-2 times a week is good. Try not to go past 5 minutes in the beginning. Make sure you don’t use it after a chemical Peel or a sunburn. It’s good to cleanse first, then use a gentle exfoliant prior to use for best penetration. I hope this helps:)

    1. That’s an excellent question! I truly do not know the answer to that. I would think that if you already have to wax hair off of your face that you wouldn’t have to worry about new hair growth.

      It’s possible however that due to the stimulating effects of high frequency, you may stimulate hair growth in places you already have hair. I say this because it has the effect of stimulating growth on the scalp!

      1. I use it, and I have terribly thin eyebrows, from years of waxing. And now I want my thick ones, and I have yet to see them come back. I would say the pros weigh out the cons. It literally reversed damage and aging on my face. At this point a few hairs growing would not bother me. As we all know I love wax. I agree with the wonderful writer of this blog. I highly recommend this product. I love mine.

  4. I have one! I love it. I feel much better about using mine. I got mine on Amazon. And it says DO NOT EAT GINGER when using it. I LOVE GINGER, I love to juice it. Does anyone know why Ginger is contradictory to these tx’s? I have waited a day after juicing a large piece (HOOHOO BURNING!) And I did not think it made a difference.

    Since the instructions did not seem like they were written in very good English. I am wondering if it is possibly a typo. This is a pretty popular Item on Amazon. I have googled the heck out of this subject, Ginger/high frequency facials, Etc. And I have come up with nothing. I think I will post on Amazon later, and see if they know. THANK YOU~ I love this blog. I intend to try MANY of the tips! Great Job~!

    1. There are claims that it is. I personally believe it is because it aids in lymphatic drainage. Though the results would be temporary without the proper dietary changes and continued use. Check out my blog post on cellulite! Thank you for stopping by to read my blog! Hugs!:)😘

  5. Hi was wondering what is the best color to use orange/red or the violet? Is it good to use both or is one better than the other gfor certain areas and results.

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