Professional Facial Brush…Is it Necessary?

When I first saw the new facial brush by Clarisonic I watched carefully to see if it was worthy of all of the “hype” I call it. Should I spend that much money on a facial brush? I contemplated carefully the pros and cons. I watched as a friend of mine (also an Esthetician) purchased one, and then listened as she raved and ranted about it, touting it’s exfoliating capabilities and exclaiming to me that her face never “felt so clean.” I was once told by a “Face Reader” that I often take a very “long time” to “make a decision” because I am so analytical. I still did not rush out to buy this brush, even after a representative offered me a discount.

Instead, I told my friend after her first use, that I wanted to compare her results using a skin scanner.

I knew that this would reveal what the Clarisonic Brush was really doing to Lisa’s skin. Good or bad, the proof would be as they say “in the pudding”. I am so glad I did this now looking back in retrospect. The first scan revealed what we had expected, very little sun damage and oils on Lisa’s skin, which were perfectly normal.Image Detail

After a couple of weeks of Lisa using the Clarisonic Brush, we then put her back behind the scanner. What I found was light violet light all over her face through the scanner. As you can see on the chart above, Lisa’s once Normal/Oily skin was now very dehydrated. She was surprised to see that, as she felt like her skin had improved since using the Clarisonic Brush. So we started talking about the length of time that she was using her brush and how often. We compared to the manufacturer recommendations.

It turns out that she was ignoring the recommended time alloted usage. Whenever the little buzzer went off that “time was up”, she would just restart her brush and continue using it! She was “over using” her brush to the extreme and dehydrating her skin severely! Not good at all. Oily skin can be a blessing if we balance it correctly. The skin needs it’s oils. Dehydrated skin will age faster. Picture a piece of paper in the sun that was once wet, when it dries up, it shrivels up!!!

Too much of a good thing is a BAD thing! Just remember that. I recommend these facial brushes be used only according to manufacturer instructions. They are great for exfoliating and cleansing the skin. Mine felt softer after the first use. And thank goodness I had the sense to do a little experiment before purchasing or I can honestly say I would have done the same thing as my friend! There are other less expensive facial brushes out there that work excellent!

I purchased one at Costco by Oil of Olay that works comparable to the Clarisonic for a fraction of the price. I believe it was around $35.00. I love the exfoliating properties of a facial brush and it’s ability to cleanse my skin more thoroughly. You don’t always have to pay top dollar to get the best out of a new concept! Just do a little investigating first, check out online reviews of the product first.

Case in point: Last year I purchased a “Pretika” facial brush from Marshalls for around $35-40.00. I read reviews after I got home with it and discovered it was not a good product do to the fact it literally “died” on people after only a month or two. I decided to give it a chance and….well the darn thing died on me after a few months!!! Lesson learned!~ Pay attention to consumer reviews!!

I hope I have helped anyone out there trying to decide whether they should invest in a facial brush. I do think it’s a good and effective skin tool for anyone to have when used appropriately.

Until next time, and hopefully sooner than later!



2 thoughts on “Professional Facial Brush…Is it Necessary?

  1. Hello Caroline,

    Excellent post! You most definitely have captured my interest! Thanks for sharing =)

    Anna, A Blissful Skin

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