6 Tricks to a Better Blowdry

Beauty Editor On Call

sam villa blowouts Sam and I were lucky enough to have the experts at Sam Villa (they just opened a training-focused blowdry bar in Las Vegas) blowout our hair while we were in New York City. And, we picked up a few handy tricks for getting a better blowdry at home from Andrew Carruthers, the education director for Sam Villa.

No. 1: Start your hairstyling process when your hair is soaking wet if you have stubborn cowlicks.

No. 2: Though it may seem more timing consuming, section out your hair. Carruthers swears it’s the one major difference between what they do in a salon and what we do at home. Even four large sections will make a huge difference.

No. 3: Don’t always go for the hottest blowdryer or blowdryer setting. More heat doesn’t equal smoother hair, and too much heat can strip hair of precious, hydrating oils.

No. 4

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